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Tax-Free Residence Advantages To Escape

Crimes against Humanity


The concept of global domination has been a topic of discussion and debate for centuries. From Alexander the Great's conquest of the known world to the rise of powerful empires and nations throughout history, the pursuit of power and control has played a significant role in shaping the world as we know it. But in today's globalized and interconnected world, the idea of one country or entity dominating the rest has taken on a new and complex meaning.

An overview of cruel crimes against humanity, committed by the globalist financial “elites”, who run the WEF, WHO, UN, IMF, BIS, and other organizations. Ranging from organized pandemics and wars, to climate warfare and mass mind control.

In our dispensation, we have seen how the United Nations promises safety and security yet stands solidly behind factors of mass destruction. We have seen global monopoly and economic manipulation by single corporations. We have seen unprecedented possibilities of tyranny with central bank digital currencies. We've witnessed hunger and starvation on different levels. We experienced organized disease breakouts and mortality manipulation. We've also seen government subjection through taxes and witnessed heavy psychological manipulation by the government and the “FAKE NEWS” media.

In a fast decaying society with the predominance of political chaos, economic recession, hunger and starvation, the World Economic Forum "DESTRUCTION AGENDA", Exorbitant Taxation, Mass Murder through Covid shots, racism and “legalized” pedophilia, and all other social vices, it has become urgent that we find healthy and favorable adaptation means for survival.

Half the world lives now under the shadow of war, persecution, horror and death. ... Now an open door of hope beckons. ... We must carry this endeavor to accomplishment.


Where is your “SAFE HAVEN” in a world of chaos?

Historically, the Dominican Republic has been very helpful during war times and accordingly has given shelter and sanctuary to many Jewish citizens who came during WW II to protect their lives.


The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler while 31 nations looked away!

The Dominican Republic was the only sovereign country willing to accept mass Jewish immigration immediately prior and during World War II, the only alternative being the Shanghai International Settlement. At the Évian Conference, it offered to accept up to 100,000 Jewish refugees. It is estimated that 5,000 visas were actually issued, and the vast majority of the recipients did not reach the country because of how hard it was to get out of occupied Europe. The DORSA (Dominican Republic Settlement Association) was formed with the assistance of the Joint Distribution Committee, and helped settle Jews in Sosúa, on the northern coast. About 700 European Jews of Ashkenazi Jewish descent reached the settlement where each family received 33 hectares (82 acres) of land, 10 cows (plus 2 additional cows per child), a mule and a horse, and a US$10,000 loan (about 184,000 dollars at 2023 prices) at 1% interest.

Other refugees settled in the capital, Santo Domingo. In 1943 the number of known Jews in the Dominican Republic peaked at 1000.




Evidence shows how pandemics are not a natural occurrence, but meticulously orchestrated operations, unleashed on humanity with the purpose of reducing the world population, and increase control over those who survive. 



Scientific data reveals how vaccines are greatly reducing the world population. They also start the process of transhumanism, by injecting substances that modify the human DNA and spread nanotechnology throughout the human body.



Evidence how important elections worldwide are strategically stolen, in order to position politicians who serve the agenda of world domination, by the globalist financial elites.



Government documents, and expert testimonies reveal how climate change is a hoax, to install tyranny on humanity. In reality the weather is heavily manipulated by governments. 


Expert testimonies reveal the plan to submit the world to the rule of a new species of genetically edited, and technologically enhanced super-elites, who will be more different from us, than we are from chimpansees.



A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) gives tyrants full control over your finances, as they can monitor every transaction, limit what you can spend, and even delete your funds. What happens already with PayPal, would become commonplace.



Shocking revelations from insiders of the biggest news media worldwide, who confess how the news is used to manipulate humanity, and steer the public towards the agenda of the super-rich criminals who own the major news networks.



Testimonies from eye witnesses and survivors about how children worldwide are abused by high ranking officials. Children are used as a commodity to "pay your way" to high positions in governments, law enforcement, finance, media and business. 



We have seen during the Covid “Plandemic” how relaxed and civilized it was handled in the Dominican Republic, with Supermarkets shelves full of foods and no shortages of anything at all. The D.R. was the first country in the world to open its borders for international travelers', regardless of the political nonsense, the lock-downs and oppression of other nations.



  1. Strategic geographic location in the heart of the Caribbean.

  2. 1 hour and 45 minutes from Miami and Caracas, centrally located to both North and South markets of the Americas.

  3. Political and social stability, the country characterized by a solid and lasting democracy, more than 45 years.

  4. Efficient labor market and highly skilled labor force at competitive costs and high productivity.

  5. Excellent treatment for foreign investment, with an attractive tax incentive program.

  6. Modern port and airport infrastructure, with excellent sea and air transport services.

  7. Excellent telecommunications systems, comparable with the most developed countries in the world.

  8. Modern road network and freeways to facilitate the movement of goods from one point to another in the country.

  9. Adequate Government support to foreign investment.

  10. Preferential access to international markets through different trade schemes.


That’s why we decided to built the Blockchain DigitalCity as the most suitable solution in a world of political chaos, providing a relaxing environment free from oppression, manipulation and tyranny.

Within the geographical confines of Blockchain DigitalCity, you experience 100% tax freedom, fresh air, and a mind-relaxing “Million Dollar” ocean view with the predominance of commercial activities to drive your business forward. Below are the endless benefits of residing the in the Blockchain DigitalCity.

The Blockchain DigitalCity

Is your SAFE HAVEN with dignified ocean view Executive Villas developed in Puerto Plata, located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Residing in the Blockchain DigitalCity has immeasurable benefits, including 100% tax exemption, a healthy business community, a relaxing environment with the option to even grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden.

Wake up every morning with prestigious ocean views and enjoy an excellent fruit platter from your own garden.


Some other benefits include the following:


  1. Diplomatic passports for you and your spouse

  2. A white-label investment Bank

  3. 100% tax freedom in the Dominican Republic

  4. Affordable rates with up to 75% bank financing

  5. Residence Permit for you and your family

  6. No Visa Restrictions


To explore the list of endless residence benefits, click here

Everything can be taken, but we always have choices that can never be snatched. The choice to live in toxic exploitative crime riddled cities with little or no regard for human lives and well-being or to live happy and free, enjoying endless benefits including tax freedom, security and comfort in a Caribbean ocean view location.

Territoriality Dominican tax law is primarily territorial

In principle, the Dominican Republic only collects taxes on income from Dominican sources. Thus, on the one hand, all income derived from work or business activities in the Dominican Republic is taxable, no matter if the person is Dominican, a resident or nonresident foreigner, a Dominican business entity or a foreign company with or without a branch office in the country. 


On the other hand, income derived from work done outside of the Dominican Republic such as from operating in our BLOCKCHAIN DIGITALCITY® Free Trade Zone Park is not taxable, even if received by Dominican nationals or companies, foreign individuals residing in the Dominican Republic or foreign companies with branches in the country.





Set up offshore. Mitigate taxes. Keep your profits. Protect your IP and Live in

TAX - EXEMPT Paradise.


Become a proud homeowner in a tax free business community in the Dominican Republic, offering you intelligent business solutions...



Starting at only $199,000 with up to 75% bank financing.


Tel. No:            +1-587-430-2692


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